Steve Greene's Blog

Switching To Neovim

April 25, 2017

After using Vim’s window functionality to its full potential, I realized that neovim was the better choice of editors for me. Neovim, a reimplementation of vim that adds terminal functionality within vim panes, is a very solid editor that I now prefer to basic vim. Neovim has made my vim sessions a lot more powerful without using tmux. Now, I can comfortable edit 3 files on my 4:3 monitor, and still have a 4th space for my terminal. Commiting or restructuring a project is really easy when you don’t have to tab out of what you are currently editing. Neovim uses an ‘init.vim’ file found in your homedirs config folder. Switching from vim to neovim meant that I had to make some basic changes to my vimrc. Check out my neovim config here.

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