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Switching to a Thinkpad t450s

May 07, 2018

I decided to sell my Thinkpad x62 recently and buy a larger, more reliable machine. The short battery life and small 4:3 screen of the x62 Shenzen Delight available from LCDFans were not really cutting it for me.
I managed to find a Thinkpad t450s in excellent condition for $420 on eBay (nice). The batteries I received with the machine were around 90% peak capacity and have held up very well. Since the t450s has one external and one internal battery, finding replacements can be costly and time consuming.
On my t450s, I have re-mapped caps lock to escape and disabled the touchpad. This way I can reliably use the trackpoint(the red ball in the cetner of the keyboard) without my palm accidentally triggering the touchpad. I can also keep my fingers close to the trackpoint and home row when I need to trigger escape by using the caps lock.
Experimental Thinkpads are a wild ride, but I have had enough of the roller coaster. New hardware is not much better than the hardware that came out three or four years ago, so why not save the money and buy something nice at a comfortable price.

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